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Kleib S1 – how to use

Kleib S1 - how to use-MYHOMETOOLS-STALCO

KLEIB S1 is a white dual-purpose joint compound used for sealing joints and spackling of plasterboard panels, as well as for finishing and decorating works in construction industry. KLEIB S1 can be used on cement and lime, concrete and gypsum substrates as well as plasterboard panels.

  • resilient anhydrite-based skim coat
  • extended open time
  • vapour permeable
  • for manual and machine application
  • for joint filling and smoothing of walls and ceilings
  • easy to apply and process
  • no dust when ground or sanded
  • approximately 1 kg of dry mass per 1m², with the thickness of 1 mm


The working surface should be stable and structurally sound i.e. strong enough, free of any layers that may impair mortar adhesion. Excessively absorbent surfaces should be primed with KLEIB G1 primer. In order to strengthen weaker, degraded surfaces, KLEIB G2 fine particle primer should be applied. Warning! Do not apply KLEIB S1 skim coat on chalk and phthalic paints.


The mortar is prepared by pouring the entire contents of the bag into a container with a measured amount of water and mixing until a smooth uniform consistency is obtained. The mortar is ready to use after 5 minutes and after remixing. When filling up cavities, the consistency of the mortar should be denser than in the case of the coat.


The coat should be applied evenly on the substrate using a stainless steel plasterer’s float while pressing down on the substrate. It is also suitable for hydrodynamic application. When dry, remove any minor unevenness with sandpaper or grinding mesh.